What to See in Cardiff

What to See in CardiffAlthough Cardiff is a young capital city and does not boast the grand architecture of the likes of London and Edinburgh, it nonetheless has a great selection of historical, cultural and entertaining attractions. Cathedrals, castles and churches abound and there are some quality museums and galleries here, not to mention the fun family-orientated attractions.

Cardiff Castle

One of Wales’s best known attractions, Cardiff Castle is located in the heart of the city centre and boasts 2,000 years of history. The exterior is impressive with its elaborate stone carvings, but it is the restored interior that attracts most visitors’ attention. The furnishings and décor are elegant and the 12th century Norman keep in the centre of the structure offers unrivaled city views.

Cardiff City Hall

For those interested in architecture, Cardiff City Hall is perhaps Cardiff’s most endearing landmark. The building has recently seen extensive restoration work and features a domed roof and a huge marble hall. City Hall regularly hosts festivals and exhibitions and if you are in Cardiff when there is something on, make sure you check it out.

St David’s Hall Galleries

This popular Cardiff art gallery facility is home to several top class art galleries and exhibitions. St David’s also hosts major city concerts and festivals.

Cardiff Bay

This is a tourist hotspot with several of Cardiff’s best attractions and is a must-see. The area is decked out with shops, cafés, restaurants, and bars and is an ideal escape from the city centre. The views are outstanding and visitors can take a scenic boat ride around the bay.

The Atlantic Wharf Leisure Village

Also be found in Cardiff Bay, the Atlantic Wharf Leisure Village is another favourite with children, with its impressive bowling alley, a quality cinema, and many eateries, bars and clubs.

Waterfront and Britannia Parks

For walkers, the Britannia Parks in Cardiff Bay offer many quiet retreats and beautifully landscaped areas. There are miles of walking paths here and some outstanding views of Cardiff and the bay.

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