Top Travel Tips for London

Top Travel Tips for LondonLondon is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, and is favored for its vibrancy, progressiveness, historical wealth, countless cultural experiences, buzzing social life and more. As in most major cities, there is an element of crime in London, with certain parts of the city posing more danger than others; however, most incidents can be avoided by taking the correct precautions. The London transport system is excellent, and makes it very easy to travel in and around the city. Here are some tips to be aware of while visiting London:

If you enjoy cold, you can travel to London in the winter months of December to February. The city is cold and grey and daylight hours are limited. July and August tend to be crowded, though the weather is usually good by London standards.

If you have a student or youth card, bring it along. Young people can get significant discounts on entrance fees to many London attractions if they are able to produce proof of student or youth status.

Taxis are expensive in London, so if you are on a budget it is better to utilize the tube system. Although the maze of lines looks difficult to figure out initially, it is in fact incredibly easy once you’ve got the hang of it.

It’s a good idea to start your exploration of the city with a bus tour. Although the tube is fast and efficient, it is difficult to get your bearings when you are constantly underground.

London has a wide range of cultural delights on offer. Be sure to take advantage of at least one or two of the numerous musical performances, shows and art exhibitions.

Don’t be offended by a lack of warmth from locals – Londoners tend to be more rushed and less friendly towards foreigners than people from other parts of the country.

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