Time to Celebrate in Vienna

Time to Celebrate in ViennaMajor festivals and events take place every month in Vienna throughout the calendar year. Some of the musical festivals are well known around the world, with the likes of the Donauinselfest, which is Europe’s largest pop music festival, and Jazz Festival Vienna, also highly revered. Religious celebrations are also popular, especially around Christmas time, and New Year’s Eve is manic. Here are some events that should not be missed.

*Carnival: the Carnival is one of Vienna’s most important social events and features balls throughout the city in wonderful locations; such as the much revered Wiener Opernball at the Staatsoper on the last Thursday of February.
*Viennese Dream on Ice: in the height of winter, skaters whiz around the ice on the square in front of the City Hall.
*Vienna Spring Marathon: this very popular event takes place every year and takes keen runners around some of Vienna’s most beautiful streets.
*Wiener Festwochen: featuring music, opera, and films, the Wiener Festwochen marks Vienna as a city of substance and culture with some dazzling displays and a free opening ceremony at the Rathausplatz.
*Schönbrunn Art Open Air: situated in the magnificent Schönbrunn castle, Schönbrunn Art Open Air offers up a string of musical events to residents and tourists alike.
*Jazz Festival Vienna: one of jazz’s major events in the world today, the Jazz Festival Vienna attracts artists and spectators from around the world and is held at the Staatoper and on Donau Insel.
*Rathausplatz Classical Music Film Festival: is a free festival spanning July and August that features classical music films al fresco style and some quality hawker stalls offering international cuisines; July and August.
*Christmas Markets: themed markets take place all over the city for the festive season, with the Viennese Christkindlmarkt at the Rathausplatz and the Christmas markets at the Spittelberg and Schönbrunn castle; November and December.
*New Year’s Celebration: New Year’s Eve in Vienna is a must-see event, with grand balls, street parties, and huge fireworks displays; December 31st.

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