Enjoying Toulouse after Dark

Enjoying Toulouse after DarkThe entertainment options in Toulouse are often considered on a par with those found in Paris. The Pink City, as it’s also called, has a rich heritage of art and culture which continues to thrive today, thanks to the growth of new art centers, festivals and international exhibitions.

With its proximity to Spain and its location in the south of France, Toulouse has a pleasant combination of a relaxed lifestyle and dynamic nightlife. The city has also embarked on an ambitious project to illuminate its major bridges, monuments and districts at night. The result is a beautiful and impressive nights cape, with the city taking on a whole new perspective and coming alive at night with light.


A large percentage of Toulouse’s population is made up of university students, who help to keep this city’s nightlife buzzing. There is a lively and diverse bar scene, offering everything from discos to British pubs, and with the city’s new nighttime lighting plan, it all comes to life after dark. Most of the action happens around Place du Capitole, Place Wilson and along the main boulevards. Place St Georges and Place St Pierre are also good areas to wander around in search of fun.

Theater and Music

The many theaters of Toulouse offer a wide variety of performances in an array of different settings. The city’s most famous theatre is the Theatre du Capitole, which tends to attract the biggest names passing through Toulouse. This grand old building specializes in classic French operas and operettas, but it also hosts a range of other performance styles. For ballet and local theatre, check out the Theatre de la Digue. If you like classical music, go to the Halle aux Graines, home of the Orchestre du Capitole. The Theatre Zenith and Theatre Garonne are also important venues for dramas and live music from around Europe.

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